The Year of M

The day before term starts is always a day for contemplation and this is especially true when the day coincides with the start of a new year. Having spent a lovely weekend in London indulging my inner geek watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which is A.Mazing) I’m sitting on the bus heading for home, pondering what lies ahead for the next few weeks…

I’ve started to refer to 2018 as the year of M, M being the Eryri marathon because, for me, this is potentially the most significant thing I will achieve this year and then I remembered I am also properly starting my biggest career challenge to date as I temporarily take on the mantle of Head of Year. Not one to do things by half I figured I might as well kick start my marathon year with a six-week fitness programme whilst getting my head in to the new role; this is a good idea right?!

I keep trying to work out exactly how I am feeling about it all, nervous, excited, apprehensive, buzzing, you name it, it’s probably going through my head. The one thing I do know is that I want to come out of this whole adventure successfully. I want to be able to cross that marathon line and be able to hand back my year group knowing I have done the best job possible. I suspect there may be a few hurdles to overcome along the way, the biggest ones being inside my head but I know I have a good support crew around me and as I won’t want to let them down I will keep at it! Someone once said to me “if it doesn’t make you s**t yourself, it isn’t a big enough challenge” I suspect I may be in for some interesting times ahead!

So bring on tomorrow’s training day and my first session with Oz’s Better Bodz crew and let’s see what 2018 has in store…


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