Making Marathon Memories

I’m sitting in the car at the side of Llyn Padarn having just dropped Claire at home after my first “on plan” training run. Week 1 of 16, run 1 of 48, Eryri Marathon here I come.

I love coming to club to do my planned training runs as I always come away with more than just a completed run. The company is great but so are the pearls of wisdom and as a newbie to the marathon world I fully intend to have a full pearly set by the time October comes around. Tonight, Claire made me realise that this entire plan should be relished just as much as the actual event, every run is part of the journey and I am actually super excited to be doing this.

Tonight’s hill reps were in a new location and my first set seemed a bit easy having chosen to try and go further up the hill but have fewer reps. By the time the second set came about it was suggested that less climb but more reps would be the better way to go and suddenly the vom zone was reached! I have to say, I felt stronger than usual on the climb but struggled with the shorter recovery period. The true test of this will be a return to Beaumont Hill…

Next run is planned for Friday morning, before school, bring it on!