Running Roundup

I have made it to the end of week 2 having completed 5/6 runs with the 6th to be snuck in tomorrow (which is officially week 3).

So far, three of my sessions have been sociable, including the hill reps session I blogged about last week and it’s been great to get out exploring! The two hill reps sessions have also been successful in terms of meeting the time requirements and completing the reps. I always find hill reps good for this; the short bursts and the alternating between up and down become an easy win for me in terms of getting my head in the game. Please remind me of this in a few weeks when the reps last 10 minutes!

My two long runs have been fab! My first was up and around Moel Y Ci with Jayne on Wednesday. It was a beautiful but close evening so I did feel a bit like I was melting but the view at the summit was totally worth it. It was lovely to have Jayne’s company on this route and know that she is game for future explorations. My second long run was this morning with Claire and I was keen to go and do a route around Padarn that I have done before to see if I could manage more of the hill! My plan says for me to aim to do a walk run marathon with the idea of running 3 miles and then walking 0.1 of a mile. I haven’t quite managed to stick to this yet as both of these sessions have taken in some tricky terrain (or massive inclines) so the need to walk has kicked in a bit sooner but I am doing the time and trying to make sure I cover enough hilly ground so I hope this is okay?!

I then get to my threshold sessions and this is where I have fallen down a bit. My first threshold session was the morning after the school trip to Drayton Manor and I tried to get it done before school. Trying to run out from my front door is tricky on a session that alternates between hard effort and recovery because any route you take is either a climb or slope. So either I find it too easy flying down towards Bangor or it’s a real slog heading back towards home. This particular session was also hindered by the fact that I had gone out for a curry after getting back late and I have very much learned that this should never happen again! The next threshold session should have been Friday but I accidentally pushed the end of term celebrations too far on Thursday night and was in no fit state to get my trainers on. This is massively unusual behaviour for me so I know it won’t happen again especially because it messes up my timetable!

Overall, I am pretty pleased with everything. I’m learning new tips from my running buddies whilst also working out what I can do and what I need to work on. I’m a little apprehensive about how the next two weeks will work out given the fact I am working away but the desire to be successful with this plan should outweigh any logistical complications. Keep everything crossed!



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